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Aging Mastery Program - Blog

We're proud to partner with Johnson County Parks and Recreation to present the Aging Mastery Program®, a 10-week series of classes designed to help navigate a healthier and more satisfying life and make the most of longevity. The core belief is that a never-stop-learning mentality and modest lifestyle changes can produce big results. Below is a preview of takeaways from week 1. 

Longevity is a Gift -Posted by Greg Dillard

Have you ever considered the concept of time as a gift? Honestly, I hadn’t thought in those exact terms before now (perhaps a little bit when I watch It’s a Wonderful Life each Christmas). There is, of course, a thousand motivational quotes about living life to its fullest but the concept of time as a gift is one that evokes both awareness and gratefulness.

Be mindful of the time you have

We know increased longevity is the new reality. 50’s the new 40, 60’s the new 50 (I’m hoping 40’s the new 25). Point is, if you’re lucky enough to make it to 60, you should plan for at least another quarter century.[1] Mindfulness of your time leads to an awareness of how you spend it.

Be grateful for the time you have

Thinking in these terms will encourage positive changes, allowing you to engage more fully in life—which is what Aging Mastery is all about. You’ll take better care of yourself, leading to better well-being, enhancing both your life and the lives of those around you.

Start a gratitude journal

Like George Bailey, sometimes it takes seeing life through a different lens to change our thoughts. A good way to begin (and our action step from week 1 of class) is to use a gratitude journal, writing down the things you’re thankful for each day.

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Disclosures: Johnson County Parks and Recreation Aging Mastery Program is not affiliated with LPL Financial and BridgeQuest Wealth Strategies.


Greg Dillard

Greg Dillard

Greg is a co-founder of BridgeQuest Wealth Strategies and a Wealth Advisor. He strives to ensure that clients gain clarity and focus in the financial planning process. Clients appreciate his ability to distill down his in-depth analysis into an understandable game plan.