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Looking Back, Moving Ahead: BridgeQuest's First Anniversary

| August 30, 2017
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One year ago we declared independence, launching BridgeQuest on the principle that people deserve financial solutions tailored to their life goals, not investment company interests. Looking back on our first anniversary, we believe even more firmly in our approach.

It’s been quite a journey so far. We’ve assembled an amazing team focused on helping our clients optimize their time, talent and treasure. Every relationship starts with three simple but critical questions: 1) What matters most to you?  2) What are your primary challenges today and in the future? 3) What’s on your bucket list?

And what do these questions have to do with being independent?  Because we have no proprietary products to sell, we are free to truly...LISTEN!   Listen to clients articulate their vision.  Listen to understand values, passions, fears.  In a word, it’s been inspiring!

In addition to inspiring, it’s practical and useful to us as a wealth planning firm.   We then formulate recommendations creatively and without a product push.   Knowing the answers to these three questions has impacted retirement timing, the creation of specific travel and giving funds, and greater customization of estate plans, just to name a few.   

In one discussion, a client defined meaningful retirement as having the time and resources to help build a school and teach girls in an African village. Meanwhile, her husband found his retirement calling and community by volunteering on a golf course. These clients embody the idea of using wealth strategically, and having a detailed retirement income plan has been a catalyst to embrace these meaningful activities.

Community Connections

Our emphasis on building personal relationships isn’t the only thing that sets BridgeQuest apart. We’re also big on building a sense of community. With our breakfast roundtables and similar events, we give clients an outlet to explore relevant topics together, like thriving in retirement, creative giving, downsizing, understanding Medicare, and meaningful travel.  These topics are always tied back to our three questions.

Year Two—and Beyond

There’s still some anniversary cake left, but we’re already looking forward to what’s next. We have an exciting lineup of thought-provoking events for our BridgeQuest client community (see our Events Page at

We can’t wait to help even more people use their time, talent and treasure to live the life they’ve imagined. After all, we know how good it feels to set yourself free.

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