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"I went for it...Now what?"

You recently made a career change. Now how do you go from survive to thrive?  A successful career change requires so much time and energy, there's often none left for your personal finances. Our 3-step process helps you take inventory of your personal finances so you can spend time on what matters most.    

1. Goals Alignment

1. Goals Alignment

Making a career transition is hard. Sometimes you need a reminder of why you decided to do this. Take inventory of where you are today. Are you seeing the impact you intended?  

  • More income? 
  • Job satisfaction? 
  • Opportunity for advancement? 
  • Better work-life balance?
  • Better alignment with gifts and values?  
  • Ownership? 

2. Resource Assessment

2. Resource Assessment

What has been the impact of career change on your finances? We run a cash flow analysis and long-term forecast, answering:    

  • What's my current trajectory?  
  • Am I on a sustainable path or do changes need to be made? 
  • Are there other sacrifices I'll need to make to support my career change? 
  • How do I manage my assets during this time of transition?
  • How do I handle debt during this time? 
  • What are the "what-if's" that can derail my plan? 
3. Benefits Analysis

3. Benefits Analysis

Also consider other benefits that don't show up on your balance sheet: 

  • Have my needs changed since making my career change? 
  • Am I maximizing my new employer benefits?
  • Should I be utilizing employer benefits vs personally obtaining
  • Are my current benefits portable? 
  • Have I left behind any previous employer benefits (i.e. 401k, HSA, Stock Options) 

Ready to get started?

We created our career readiness assessment as a tool you can use to see how prepared you are to make a change. And when you're ready, we're here to help. 

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