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Being retired doesn't mean all the decisions are made. What should you be doing?  

Here's the 3 critical areas we explore with clients throughout retirement: 

1. Goals Alignment

1. Goals Alignment

Start by asking yourself these questions:  

  • What's working well in retirement? 
  • Who is my community (those with whom you spend the most time)?
  • Am I accomplishing what's on my bucket list? 
  • Is money a stress point? 
  • What are my main concerns? 
  • What kind of legacy do I want to leave? 
2. Resource Assessment 

2. Resource Assessment 

 We run a cash flow assessment, answering:    

  • Am I withdrawing my retirement income in the most tax-efficient way possible? 
  • How significant is my sequence of return risk? 
  • Should I be nervous about the markets?   
  • What are tax-advantaged strategies for giving? 

*No need to attend any "free dinner" seminars to find out. 

3. Benefits Analysis

3. Benefits Analysis

Benefits and Risks go hand in hand. We'll help you answer questions like:  

  • When should I re-evaluate my Medicare options?  
  • What's the most tax-efficient way to leave a legacy
  • Does my investment strategy still fit?  
  • Do I have enough set aside for Long Term Care? 
  • Should I consider downsizing?