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"You are not stuck where you are, unless you decide to be." - Dr Wayne Dyer

You're considering changing careers...but not sure where to begin?  You're not alone. The average person changes jobs an average of 12 times. Sometimes being "stuck in a good place" is the worst place to be. If you're considering a career change, it's important to plan thoughtfully so you make the right kind of change. Our 3-step process helps determine if making a change is prudent and gets you prepared. 

1. Goals Alignment

1. Goals Alignment

Why are you exploring a career change? It could be practical. It may be idealistic. Understanding the reasons why allows you to make the right decisions moving forward.  What are your reasons? 

  • More income? 
  • Job dissatisfaction?
  • More opportunity for advancement? 
  • Better work-life balance?
  • Better alignment with gifts and values?  
  • Entrepreneurial desire 

2. Resource Assessment

2. Resource Assessment

Take a hard look at your finances to assess the impact of making a career change--both short and long term. We run a cash flow analysis and long-term forecast, answering:    

  • What's my trajectory if I stay on my current track? 
  • What's my trajectory if I change careers? Best case? Worst case? 
  • What am I willing to sacrifice to have a fulfilling career? 
  • What am I NOT willing to sacrifice?
  • What assets are at my disposal? 
  • Is it wise to use the equity in my house or my retirement funds? 
  • Is it too late to make a career change? 
  • What are the "what-if's" that can derail my plan? 
3. Benefits Analysis

3. Benefits Analysis

  Also consider other benefits that don't show up on your balance sheet: 

  • What's the impact of losing my current employer benefits?
  • Do I have certain benefits with my current employer that I must keep? 
  • What benefits do I need with this career change?
  • What benefits will I have?
  • Are there alternatives to the benefits I may be losing? 
  • Does changing careers change our insurance needs? 
  • How do I handle debt payoff during this time? 

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