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Take the Fear out of Your Finances

Amidst the challenging times we're facing in our world right now, it's easy to get caught up in the fear of the unknown. Instead of focusing on how out of control things may feel, let's lean into the ways you can reduce fear and gain control of your personal finances.

1)  Talk About It. Share your money concerns with another person (not one trying to sell you a product or viewpoint). Especially in these times of 24/7 media and social media feeds, what we need most is another healthy human being to talk with. We at BridgeQuest promise to listen and seek to understand before making any judgment or recommendation if you bring concerns to us.

2)  Be strategically diversified with your investments and don't try to time the market. Click here to read about our most recent investment changes.

3)  Save Taxes. A silver lining in a highly volatile year such as this is to consider tax harvesting (essentially selling depreciated after-tax investments at a loss and reinvesting in different investments to trigger a loss that can be used to lower 2022 taxes). We are already evaluating this if you have after-tax investments with us, but if you have any questions on how this could work in your situation, reach out to us and/or your CPA.

BridgeQuest Wealth Strategies

BridgeQuest Wealth Strategies

Career changes, retirement, aging parents, liquidity events—navigating life’s big transitions gets much easier with an experienced guide. The BridgeQuest team leads you in the right direction with independent asset management tailored to your goals. Your plan will include independent advice and personal attention every step of the way.