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The Trail Ahead: Mid-Year Outlook 2020

The path of the economy and markets in the second half of 2020 may depend on how much progress we make against COVID-19. If recent evidence of potential economic recovery is a prelude of things to come, and stocks are accurately assessing a favorable growth outlook, then stocks may rally to new highs in the second half. Alternatively, in the event of a second wave of infections and renewed lockdowns, the economic recovery may stall, and stocks may be ripe for a correction following the strong gains off the March lows.

When uncertainty is high and the markets are volatile, staying the course and focusing on the long term can be difficult. We would continue to view bouts of volatility as opportunities, when suitable, to rebalance portfolios toward long-term allocations.

This COVID-19 crisis has been one of the toughest we will ever face. By facing the challenges together with many heroes at our sides, taking advantage of opportunities in the markets, and focusing more on long-term objectives rather than bumps along the way, we can make decisions that may put us in better positions to seek our long-term goals.

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